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en:co_jsou_tvaruzky [2017/03/29 20:51] (aktuální)
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 +====== What is a tvaruzek ======
 +Olomoucke tvaruzky is a mature cheese made of skim (non-fat) milk. It has a completely unique spicy flavour, a typical smell, surface with a golden yellow cover and a sticky semi-soft to soft consistency with a noticeably lighter core. It usually comes in the form of circles, rings, sticks or irregular pieces. Olomoucke tvaruzky is a table cheese. It has a typical and unmistakable taste and smell caused by the (proteolytic) degradation of cheese proteins during the maturing process. Thanks to its nutritional values - low energy value (i.e. low fat content) and full-value proteins and calcium, Olomoucke tvaruzky is ranked among the top cheeses.
 +No genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of Olomoucke tvaruzky. The cheese is made without adding rennet, colourings, flavourings and stabilizers. It contains an allergen - quark made from pasteurized cow milk. It does not contain substances that cause celiac disease and therefore is suitable for a gluten-free diet.
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